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Encon carries all the major bands of printers, copiers and multifunction devices from Hewlett-Packard, Brother, Lexmark, Okidata, Xerox and many others.  And as an authorized service provider we can also support what we sell.  Whether you’re looking for something to use in your home, corporate offices or all the way up to pre-production presses for professional printing, we can find the right device to fit your needs.

Encon is dedicated to helping every customer find the exact printing device that meet your needs and your budget.  That is one of the reasons why we carry so many different brands. Each Brand has different strengths and weaknesses, and each model of printer is designed to handle specific workloads. We find out your goals and match those goals with the right product to meet those needs.

  • Do you know what size you need?
  • Is scanning a priority, or is it printing, copying or emailing?
  • Is printer/copier you are considering too small for the amount of work you want to accomplish with it?  Is it too large and more than I need?
  • What about if I grow, can this printer grow with me?
  • Can it handle the print needs of my entire office? Do I need more than one?
  • And once you find a printer or copier you like; do you know its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?  TCO includes not only the price of the printer you want but how much you’ll spend on toner and maintenance over the life of the printer.

Too often when printers or copiers die, buyers rush out and get what’s on ‘sale’ or conveniently on the shelf only to find what they’ve got it woefully inadequate. We can help you avoid that mistake by finding just what you need and then get it to you quickly as well.  Encon's warehouses from coast-to-coast!

Whatever the need and whatever the time frame, contact us now and let Encon's versatility, expertise and on-going service to get you just what you need.